Green Initiatives

Design Manufacturing Installation Service

We automatically look to save energy – and money – in our home lighting: don’t forget to look into energy- and money-saving tools for your business lighting and signage.

We tend to think of light-emitting diode (LED) lights as just for use in the home. But LED lamp options are available for eco-friendly lighting for your sign boxes and channel letters.

Choosing LED lamps means you can save up to 70 percent in a light’s or sign’s operations costs compared to those you’ll incur with traditional fluorescent lamps.

Another way we work to keep our customers green is by using an eco-friendly ink known as Eco-Sol in our printing process. This ink isn’t solvent-based as most signage inks are and so is safer and less damaging to the environment. Inks often used in our industry are petroleum-based and can poison the environment.

In addition, Eco-Sol inks resist scratches better and are more durable for outdoor use than traditional inks.






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